PaaS for Developers

Wide choice of programming languages and stacks

Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby and .NET applications can be deployed in minutes. A wide array of app server and database choices provide the broadest range of application support.
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Truly flexible pricing

Jelastic offers truly flexible and elastic pricing for developers. It is based upon resource usage so that developers pay only for resources used by applications.
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Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling

Applications automatically scale and load balance across servers. Only Jelastic supports automatic vertical scalability, allowing each application to use only those resources required at any time.
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Fast application deployment

Any application can be deployed in just minutes using GIT, SVN, archive or plugins like Maven, Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans. One click deployment of the entire stack means you can focus on your business.
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High availability of applications

Application instances are automatically replicated and fail-over seamlessly, with zero user impact. Isolation of application resources leads to less application downtime and maximum availability.
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Easy management via dashboard and SSH access

Unlike “black-box” PaaS cloud solutions, Jelastic provides management flexibility with access to application configuration files through a simple UI. For more complex configurations, SSH access to containers is available.
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Zero code changes required: new and legacy applications support

Since there are no proprietary APIs to code, new and legacy applications are supported without any changes. So you can easily migrate your application from any platform to Jelastic.
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CaaS for IT Operations


Hybrid Cloud for workload mobility

With multi-region support within different datacenters and clouds, Jelastic offers a Hybrid Cloud solution with advanced automation for certified containers. The intended outcome is the ability to distribute various companies’ workloads in a variety of regions, within one Hybrid Cloud.
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Easy installation and management

Jelastic provides an entire enterprise stack that can be installed on “bare metal” servers or any existing IaaS cloud infrastructure in hours, not months. Cloud IT administrators use a single management console to control cloud resources.
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Server optimization with maximum density

Containers virtualization provides the maximum density for application environments. Efficient server utilization means maximum ROI for enterprises and web hosts.
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Smart migration and distribution

Jelastic can migrate containers between different hardware servers in live mode without downtime. Anti-affinity for smart distribution across hardware nodes, ensures that app nodes will not be placed at the same physical server.
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Faster development and ALM processes

Jelastic supports multiple Application Development Lifecycle stage environments (Dev, QA and Production). Enterprises can adopt and implement the Jelastic platform, without changing their current methodologies or processes.
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High availability, failover and zero-downtime

Jelastic provides a simple approach to providing high availability, failover and zero downtime of Enterprise Apps. This significantly saves the time and resources of your operations team, ensuring server’s uptime and making your business more secure.
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Server Uptime

Self-service Web portals and in-built monitoring system

The Jelastic Cluster Admin panel provides a consolidated view of your cloud resources, with sophisticated management and monitoring of the cluster providing the lowest TCO.
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Per server subscription or revenue share

Enterprises can reduce private cloud costs by up to 90% using Jelastic’s revolutionary per-server subscription model. Hosting Providers can implement Jelastic via a no-risk revenue-share model.
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Trusted by Smart

Cloud Providers Across the World

Over 300 000 developers and more than 50 cloud providers and enterprises have installed
Jelastic on servers across 5 continents
James Gosling
Father of Java

"Configuring cloud infrastructures is fun the first time you do it. But it doesn’t take too long before it becomes a tedious time sink. And, if you have the misfortune of being a software developer that has to fight it out with an IT organization, who usually wants consistency, control and visibility, you find that you’re always fighting with them. Jelastic solves all of that. Easy configuration tools for developers, management tools for IT. Peace and productivity. I love it."

Rasmus Lerdorf
Founder of PHP

"PHP has always been about making Web development easy and accessible to everyone. Jelastic’s approach to PaaS fits nicely with this mission and I am looking forward to helping them build more great products."

Al Hilwa

"IDC has closely monitored the emerging IaaS and PaaS markets and is observing increased blending of the two capabilities. By integrating PaaS and IaaS into their private and public cloud solution, Jelastic provides enterprises and hosting providers with a turnkey stack that provides rapid deployment and immediate ROI."

Jay Lyman
451 Research

"We like that Jelastic is riding the wave of IaaS-PaaS convergence, rather than struggling against it. This will help Jelastic as it reaches out to enterprises that are very intent on functioning like service providers."

David Blevins
Founder and CEO, TomEE

"TomEE is very tightly integrated with the functionality of all the other layers of the Jelastic stack, including load-balancing, replication, persistence to SQL or NoSQL databases and more. Jelastic’s integration of TomEE is the best I’ve seen."