Wide choice of stacks
Automatic scalability
Pay as you use


Java and Database Technologies In One Click

Automatically install the following solutions totally for free


Payara 5

GlassFish Cluster

WildFly Continuous Deployment

PostgreSQL Database Replication

TomEEAuto Scalable TomEE

MySQL Replication


Free Online Java Course

Register to join 5-day online training, get the tips on running Java inside containers and answers on how to:

  • move from VMs to containers
  • make containers suitable for production
  • deploy Java application with containers
  • automate deployment and updates
  • tune Java RAM for efficient usage
  • migrate containers across different clouds

Cloud PaaS for Running Java Applications

Deploying, Scaling and Managing Java Application inside Containers

  • Superb developer web portal for easy provisioning, scaling and updating environments
  • Wide range of built-in stacks: Tomcat, GlassFish, WildFly, TomEE, Spring Boot, Payara, Jetty, SQL/NoSQL DBs
  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling with high availability and load balancing
  • Managed multi-tenant Docker containers with full compatibility to native ecosystem
  • Admin tasks automation: CI/CD processes, container management, complex clustering
  • Multi-cloud and multi data center distribution of workloads with live migration