Benefits of Pre-Configured Traffic Distribution

Apply the implicit blue-green deployment or zero-downtime update by redirecting portion or all traffic to a new version of an application

Perform ongoing A/B testing by routing part of the traffic to a newer application version to compare performance and UX rates

Achieve advanced failover protection and high availability through sharing the load between two fully functional application copies in different cloud regions

Traffic Distributor Implementation

Available Routing Methods

Round Robin allows to distribute requests one-by-one among the servers with preconfigured priorities and traffic ratio

Sticky Sessions method assigns every end user to a specific backend that receives their requests until the corresponding session is live

Failover traffic routing allows to redirect the customers to a backup standby server in case of any failure on production server

Easy Installation and Full Automation

1. Install Traffic Distributor in one click via Jelastic Marketplace

2. Choose the routing method and traffic distribution ratio

3. Specify two environments to be balanced