Turnkey PaaS and CaaS Appliance

for hosting service providers

Grow your business with unique offering and save € 8,000 during the first year

20% off for
ProfitBricks servers

Easy terms
on installation

No minimal

Managed PaaS and High-Performing Hardware

Extend your business with managed PaaS and CaaS layer:

  • Deployment of the platform by Jelastic PSO team
  • 24/7 technical support and dedicated manager
  • Built-in integration with WHMCS and OSA
  • White labeling and platform customization
  • Go-To-Market services and sales training
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Get servers with 20% discount, recommended capacity:

  • 8 Dedicated AMD Cores
  • 24 GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 400 GB of Redundant SSD storage
  • 3 Gbps of internal network
  • Free traffic between the data centers in Germany
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Best Selling Appliance Offering

This is a recommended configuration, you can choose other number and capacity of servers

€ 7,750 / year

€ 9,685

3 ProfitBricks servers with € 1,940 yearly discount, each:

  • 8 Dedicated AMD Cores
  • 24 GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 400 GB of Redundant SSD storage
  • 3 Gbps of internal network
  • No minimal commitment (valued at € 6,000)
  • No revenue sharing during the first year

Jelastic installation price is divided
into 4 quarterly payments

Proven Choice of Hosting Providers Worldwide

Hosting providers worldwide already capture new market segments such as ISV, SaaS, E-Commerce & DevOps customers offering them Jelastic PaaS with:

  • Superb developer web portal for easy provisioning, scaling and updating environments
  • Wide range of built-in stacks for Java, PHP, .NET, Node.JS, Python and Ruby applications
  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling with high availability and load balancing
  • Managed multi-tenant Docker containers with full compatibility to native ecosystem
  • Admin tasks automation: CI/CD processes, container management, complex clustering
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